About Us

The Rehabilitation Clinic Beoflex Fizio deals with the elimination of pain and the improvement of the psychophysical form, by applying the most modern and clinically proven laser procedures, as well as massages, exercises and acupuncture.

What painful conditions are we dealing with?
    • Back pain (disc herniation, sciatica, neuralgia, radiculopathy)
    • Pain in the neck and shoulder (cervical and cervico-brachial syndrome)
    • Knee pain
    • Joint pains: shoulder, elbow, lever, hip, hip joint
    • Injuries to the muscles and tendons
    • Sports injuries
What are we recognizable by?

We solve the most complicated conditions through expert approach, under constant supervision by qualified and competent medical staff.

What is special about what we do?

For the first time in this region, we use a combination of laser therapy with therapeutic massages and exercises, and thus we come to a faster and better solution to all your painful conditions and problems.